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First off, this is a gorgeous piece. You are very talented, and your work is a pleasure to look at.

(This piece is very well done and some of this critique may seem very nitpicky. I apologize if it seems excesively so, I noticed that few critiques had given any areas for improvement, and, as an artist, I thought you might be looking for some. It's all meant kindly)

Now, critiquing:
The watercolor work is very good, and does a very nice job of amplifying the flow of color and motion in the piece. There are two spots where the color feels just a tad bit dark (in the S shaped ringlet of hair about two 'inches' left of the earing's middle stone and in the angled bend of hair, bottom right quadrant, three 'inches' above where the veil's line passes out of frame). They're dark enough that it slightly obstructs the percieved motion of the hair. Still, this is extraordinarily minor.

The color of the hair is beautiful. Auburn is my favorite hair color, and I'm just stunned by the beauty of the hair. My only suggestion would be finding some way to balance the orange in the painting. The pink petals work to balance the yellow in the painting, but I think they could have used to be just a tad bit 'pinker'. They get a little washed out in the depth of the orange.

The only other comments I have are in anatomical proportioning. First, there is a line on the far right that appears to be the far manifestation of the neck beneath the veil. If it is the neck, it starts a little far out and points a bit to starkly inwards. It makes the neck seem a bit wide as it connects to the jaw. Second, the shoulder (our left, her right) feels elongated ever so slightly. Given the angle of the face, and resultingly, where one would expect the body to be, the shoulder would be expected to end, perhaps, an inch sooner (it's difficult to say for certain because of how stylized asian art is). Thirdly, the hair on our left, her right, sits a bit far off the head. This could also be stylistic; just make sure you're being deliberate in those stylistic choices...

I hope this is helpful. It's an absolutely lovely painting, and I've already put it in my favorites. Good work and keep it up!
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